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Nepal Aventure Pvt. an incorporated under Nepal Companies Act and accepts your reservation/booking under the following terms and conditions. Nepal Aventure Pvt. Ltd.(hereinafter referred as “The Company”), Registered Company Number 150720/72/73. An office is located the Kathmandu, Tokha 11, Nepal. The company is headed by Himlal Poudyal. Trip booking terms and conditions herein as follows is a legal documents contract of our company in regard to overall trip operations that governs basis of trust worthy mutual relationship and consent between you and us for the services promise to provide as well as accept among two parties in a specified period of time. The following terms and conditions apply to all types of holiday trips offered by the company. It is deemed mandatory to read terms and conditions carefully as it contains essential information before proceeding online trip booking form. In addition to booking a trip, your agreement about terms and conditions is supposed to be imposed on the cancelation policy and certain limitations of liability. To sum up, both parties are liable to resolve any legal and other disputes as well as misunderstanding and unexpected incidents beyond terms and conditions that may arise during the course of any trip. Note: please note that extra service charge or cost from any financial institution incurred in the process of transferring fund to us has to be paid by clients themselves at the time of deposit.


1.. BOOK
A Trek The term “Trip” stated in these website and booking conditions is representative form of any product itinerary or activities described on this website to buy or deal with us including those which might otherwise be recognized as Trekking, walking , hiking, climbing, sightseeing, mountaineering, Tours, , as well as other adventure tour programs. Confirmation of the email is an officially the fastest way and indication of your trip booking acceptable by the company after your booking proceed reviews. From this date, you are ensured to become your trip definite.


2. Contract Formation
A contract comes into existence after accepting reservation details by Nepal Aventure Pvt. Ltd. In fact, it is a condition in which both parties; company and clients enter into contract for its existence. Prior to any trip booking confirmation, a contract comes into force, in other words, the company reserves the right in increasing and decreasing of listed broacher price. Please be advised, in summary, that company would be disclaimer to any warranty, collateral agreement, prior agreement, description ofservices or conditions, other than or expressed herein.


Nepal trips confirmation payment to secure your place and to process the confirmation of your booking for Nepal trip, a non-refundable 15 (%) percent down payment of total trip cost is required to make in advance deposit to the company within two weeks time from the date of inquiry in accordance with the company policy as per person basis. It is a proof that you are intent to planning a trip. We need generally advance payments on your behalf for fixing prior arrangements of hotel reservation, flight ticket, transportation ticket, permit, TIM’s card etc. Your service arrangements are managed as quickly as after preceding the fund. Booking deposit is acceptable both through the bank transfer and by credit card (Visa or Master Card). The company does email for additional information regarding the direct money deposit details while proceeding in booking. ii. Nepal trips final payment Final remaining 80 (%) percent balance payments for trekking, tours, climbing, expedition or any kind of trips can generally be made upon your arrival in Nepal prior to initial departure date of any trip. Final trip documentation will be released upon full trip payment. Your final payment is accepted by the bank transfer, travel check, cash or credit card. 4 (%) percent surcharges will be added while making your payment (This is applicable for withdrawal and deposit with the objective of trip extension, final balances as well as miscellaneous purchase). Surcharge is imposed by credit card payment service credit card payment service provider).


Tibet / Bhutan Trips
Tibet and Bhutan trips, 100 (%) payments are required within 1 months before starting any trip.


Payment via Wire/Bank Transfer
The given below bank payment details is an authorized official bank account of Népal Aventure Pvt. Ltd. . It only belongs to company and reserves the right to claim the possession with the complete reliability and formality of law as well opening account.. A way to pay your deposit You can pay us by Credit card (Visa and Master card) by Western Union Money Transfer with Bank Account


A/C No: 001001000332801
Bank Name: Tourism Development Bank Ltd.
Thamel, Kathmandu


Note: please, you can send fund transfer through the Western Union Money Transfer without any hassle and hesitation. For that, further information has been provided in the email corresponding. Email must be sent to us along with attached remittance slip or reference numbers after completing your transfer process. It would be better for us to check in case of different name forwarded by the bank. Please note that we are not responsible for in case of any delay or loss during the transfer process. Likewise, receiving your money with us is less than the amount you sent because of use of mediator bank or any other reasons; you are requested upon arrival to pay accordingly so that the total is equivalent to the product cost.


5. Last minute booking
Clients who are in delay to booking Nepal trip due to many reasons, however, they are eager to confirm booking trips within a short span of time. Nepal Aventure Pvt has made special booking provision with regard to Nepal trip, your last minute booking with 100 (%) percent trip payments within 24 hrs is accepted. Likewise, we are always ready to be operated Nepal trip possible anytime. For this, you could contact us for more information at 0033782763554 Jean-Michel Bouchet or email us. However, in the case of Tibet and Bhutan trip, we are unable to accept final minute booking.


6. Cancellation policy Sometimes, the rare case but not all the time, incident might happen to face with unexpected events and unforeseen circumstances which are beyond both our management and clients control that contributes in the result of whether delay of your trip program or reschedule of your timetable. Similarly, conditions require cancellation of trip as well. In such case, we provide a reimbursement of the advance payment under following conditions. The contributing factors that caused for cancellation of trips are Religious, Cultural, Economical, Political, Social etc. in such circumstance, local government administration does not allow for participating any sorts of trip. Thus, Discovery World Trekking will not undertake any responsibility for this event. Guides or Sherpa or any local people’s suggestions- about the condition of weather, or condition of the trial or anything is advised. Ignorance of such may harm you or your health for that no other will take the responsibilities.


Trips Cancellation by the clients While making full payment for any trip, you are liable to receive the refund amount in case of cancellation of trip. Any trip cancellation made by a client has to be disclosed mandatorily in written notification and acknowledged by the company. Your request with submission of cancellation date is received by a company. In such case, a company deserves the right to impose certain applicable charge
on your trip cancellation. he cancellation charge herein is the representation of total listed online website brochure trip cost on the basis of percentage. Days requirement (Before Initial Trip Departure) Refund of
Advance Payment (%)
45 Days or more 85 %
44-30 Days 70 %
29-15 Days 50 %
Less than 7 Days 0 %


Please note that no refunds of any trip cost will be made available to clients who drop out the journey in the interest of leaving any trip voluntarily regardless of any reason after your trip has started. No refund of remaining unused amount as per the itinerary shall not provide to the clients. Similarly, no refunds are also applicable strictly for any accommodation, transport, sightseeing, meals, or services in case of not utilization by the clients.


7. Trip : Change itinerary Trip amendment is obligatory condition in which trip itinerary should be changed because of undesirable circumstances appeared in the time of trip commencement. The factors beyond our controls make hindrance to operate trip such as weather conditions, landslide, etc. in such case, the clients are advised on time by the company. If clients want to chang the trip because of their personal reasons, trip amendment notification should be reached in writing to the company. then the company will make the necessary amendment. The following fee structure will apply for amendment of trip. Booking amendment request made by clients 30 days or more prior to your original trip departure- (US $ some) per person. Booking amendment request made by clients less than 30 days to your riginal trip departure- charges as per cancellation fees. In case you wish to make amendments within 10 days of the trip departure, the cost of amendment may be higher depending upon the company’s arrangements with other parties such as hotels, Guest Houses, group operators or airlines. Please note that new trip price will apply to the reservation for booking amendment from the time of original booking to the time of the amendment in case of any trip price change. Likewise, these fees depend on any charges imposed by the hotels, and other suppliers to the company.


Cancellation of trip by a company The company deserves the right in cancellation of your any trip booked unless it is not guaranteed to operate. The company deserves the right to cancel any trip concerning with the utmost safety of clients in course of guaranteed trip and prior to departure due to reason beyond our control (for example: natural disaster, flight cancellation, consequences of strikes, industrial action, wars, sickness, quarantine, government intervention, weather conditions, or other untoward occurrence). In such an event, Népal Aventure Pvt. Ltd. provides the refund of only the trip price. Refund of trip price is provided also at the event of company cancels of your guaranteed departure trip. Likewise, you are also entitled to take an alternative trip of the same value. Please be advised that your significant alterations exclude a change f airline carrier, flight time tables or itineraries provided the departure and arrival dates remain unchanged, the substitution of a vessel, modification of itineraries, and change in cabin category or hotel accommodation provided it is of the same category. The company is not liable of any accidental expenses or consequences losses incurred in visas, vaccinations, non-refundable flights or rail, non refundable car parking or other fees, loss of earnings etc due to the result of trip booking.


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